If you’ve never been to Student Health Services before, there’s a lot you might not know about their services. Even if you have been to SHS, they offer more than the basics. Before heading somewhere else, here are five things that you might not already know about SHS that you definitely should. Some might even surprise you!

1. Services beyond being sick

If you’ve been to Student Health Services, it’s probably been for something like the flu, strep throat, or another virus. Maybe you went for your flu shot and COVID-19 vaccine and boosters. And – I’m looking at you juniors and seniors – almost definitely for a COVID-19 test when they were testing everyone regularly back in 2020 and 2021. 

Lab Services at Miami University

So you probably already know that SHS is a definite option for when you feel sick or need a vaccine. But did you know they have both orthopedic and physical therapy services to aid your recovery process if you get injured? There is also a full lab service – some are even analyzed “in-house” (e.g. strep, mono, urine testing for STIs, blood counts, and pregnancy tests). Need a pap smear or a birth control consultation? They do that. Plus, they have services specifically for students who are preparing to study abroad, including vaccinations and basic self-care information to keep you healthy during your travels.

2. Official student health insurance not required

Aetna is the official student health insurance offered by Miami. Since many students are still covered by their parents’ insurance, they don’t have Aetna insurance. And that’s totally fine! You do not need to have Aetna Student Health Insurance to use Student Health Services. They actually take a ton of different insurances at SHS. Just verify with your insurance company that Miami University with TriHealth is a covered provider.

If you are using the Aetna student insurance plan, you are covered for preventative care, hospitalizations, surgery, emergency care, prescriptions, and major medical benefits for treatment received to a specified extent.

3. Privacy options

Some students have a question about what their parents can and can’t see when they visit SHS. 

Student Health Services respect their patients’ privacy. You have control over who can view your medical records and appointment history at SHS. You may amend the terms of your privacy at any time; just visit SHS and ask to sign a new involvement in care form. For more questions about your privacy rights, visit Student Health Services website.

Student Health Services Lobby at Miami University

If you are on your parents’ insurance policy, and under the age of 18, your parents WILL likely get an explanation of benefits (EOB) and/or a bill with some basic information about your visit. If you are over 18, you can request an address change for your EOBs by calling the customer service number on your insurance card.

4. Masks

The mask policy for Student Health Services changes based on what’s going on with COVID. It’s not a bad idea to bring a mask along with you when you visit, in case the mask policy is back on. And even if masks aren’t required, it’s still important to be health conscious and use your best judgment, especially if you are going to SHS to get tested for illness. 

5. SHS is relocating next year

New Health Services Building at Miami University

Right now you can find Student Health Services in Harris Hall on south campus. This location has been temporary until SHS is able to move into the brand new Health Sciences building off of Campus Avenue. The scheduled relocation is hopefully in 2023, so be prepared to look out for some very exciting changes around SHS!

Kaitlin Valdick