A tour group in central campus around the seal with the Upham arch in the background.

After settling in at Miami, you may realize that it would be nice to have some extra spending money on hand. An on-campus job is a great way to make some money and get experience to discuss in an interview or add to your resume. You can check out one of our previous blogs about all on-campus jobs here

Today, we’re digging deeper into the Tour Guide job: what it is, what they look for, and how to apply. If you love Miami as much as we do, becoming a Tour Guide could be an appealing option.

A tour group near sorority quad.

The Job

Tour Guides help the Office of Admission highlight buildings, amenities, traditions, academics, and campus beauty to interested high school students. More importantly, Tour Guides share their experiences, stories, and insights into what makes Miami University a special place to live while learning and earning a degree. 

Tour guides help high school students decide whether or not Miami is for them. Not every person who tours will fall in love with the school as we did. And that’s okay! Even though not everyone will decide to become a RedHawk, the best part about being a Tour Guide is helping students find their new homes in Oxford.

An Ideal Tour Guide

Communication skills are the most important qualification of a Tour Guide. You should be excited to show off your favorite aspects of the school and share what has made your college experience special. Tour Guides should also possess a strong work ethic, an interest in learning, and an ability to walk and talk simultaneously. The office is looking for Tour Guides of all years, from first-year to last-year students.

The Tour

As a Tour Guide, you’ll begin at Shriver in the Admission office and then head to pet the turtle heads at the Sundial. Don’t worry, you do not HAVE to rub the turtle heads. 

Armstrong is the next stop, where you’ll show off the student center and its many food options. 

Kreger Hall is the academic building stop to show classrooms and discuss academics. 

You’ll then highlight the seal and all of the Miami traditions before heading to grab a book or coffee at King. 

Goggin and the Rec Center are next to highlight our beautiful athletic facilities and brag about our hockey program. 

The final step is exploring a residence hall room in Etheridge before returning to Shriver. 

You’ll wrap up the tour by explaining why you decided Miami University was your college of choice.

A tour group at Goggin Ice Arena.

How To Apply

Visit MiamiOH.edu/jobs and navigate to the Open Positions tab. Search for the Tour Guide position and click Apply Now! The application doesn’t require a resume or a cover letter, so the application only takes a few minutes. Applicants will complete a group interview and, if they do well, an individual interview during the recruitment process. 

The Office of Admissions is always looking for more guides so if you are passionate about our school, consider applying!

Aidan McGaughy | Class of 2023 | Information Systems + Analytics and Marketing double major