We know there is a lot to consider as you embark on your college experience. Whether or not you’ll get a job and where you might work is just one of a hundred other decisions you’ll make as you start your Miami experience. Today, we’re breaking down some resources that make the student job process a breeze.

Benefits of Working on Campus

First, let’s talk about why an on-campus job might be right for you. 

Flexibility. Most on-campus jobs understand that school comes first. Being a student is, when it comes down to it, why you’re here. An on-campus job gives you the ability to work around your obligations, whether that be class, study time, club meetings, or time for friends. 

Convenience. It can’t get much easier than being able to walk to work. Besides the convenience of living close to where you work, having an on-campus job also allows you to make connections with others on campus. And you’ll probably meet people that you may have never met outside of work.

Experience. Lots of students come to campus having little to no previous job experience. Working on campus allows you to build your resume and gain valuable work experience. Having a job at school also looks good on your resume, and shows potential employers that you have great time management skills!

How to Find an On-Campus Job

Look online. The best way to find open positions is to look online. MiamiOH.edu/jobs lists many opportunities for students and allows you to apply directly on the website. 

Student Orientation Undergraduate Leaders are hired in January for the summer.

Consider jobs that won’t open until the end of the fall semester. Lots of positions are already open, but that certainly isn’t all of them! Many jobs won’t be hiring until the end of fall semester, and even early spring semester. This includes positions like Resident Assistants, SOULs, summer Tour Guide positions, etc. These positions are also good to keep in mind if you want to give yourself a semester to get acclimated to college before applying. There are always new jobs opening, so don’t worry about missing out!

Follow the departments you’re interested in on social media. Keeping up with the departments you like can be an easy way to see if they are hiring! Many departments will post about open positions, and checking in on social media allows you to be one of the first people to see the openings.

What jobs will be most helpful in your future career? Any job is going to pay you for your time and work, but which jobs will you be able to easily connect to your career goals? Which will help you build skills you can speak about in a future interview? Consider jobs connected to your major’s academic department or jobs that allow you to practice what you are learning in the classroom. 

Think about jobs that hire a lot of students. If you want to work with friends or meet a lot of new people, look at jobs that hire large groups of students. Places like the Rec, Armstrong, King Library, and Dining Services are great places to start. 

Chloe Miller