A common interview question that I am always asked is “what are you passionate about outside of work?”

It’s a great question and seems easy enough to answer. Yet, I’ve somehow conditioned myself to say the same “passion” that I’ve been telling people since grade school – cooking. It’s true that I like to make new recipes, but I don’t feel as passionate about it as I may tell people. Honestly, anytime I bring up the word “cooking,” I simultaneously think of the dreaded dishes I will have to clean afterward. 

The truth is, I’ve changed over time and my passion hasn’t evolved with me. And I hadn’t taken the time to rediscover what I am passionate about.

Thanks to COVID, I’ve gotten a chance to slow down and take a step back to analyze this topic. I took to google and explored the significance of this topic. In one article I found, the author Marelisa acknowledged that between our college courses, learning to live on our own, and still get a healthy amount of sleep – “we’re all busy, so if we’re going to add something else to our to-do list, it really needs to be worth it”. 

This is exactly right. So here are a few reasons why it’s important to refocus on our passions. First and foremost: to increase our happiness. That’s the number one thing we all want out of life, right? Yes – money, fame, and wealth would be great… but ultimately we all want these things because we hope they’ll bring us happiness. 

Another reason why having a passion project is so awesome is because it adds quality to our lives. It’ll give us a reason to jump out of bed on the rainiest and darkest of mornings. Having a passion project can create opportunities, too, and could lead us down a path we didn’t know existed.

As someone looking to rediscover my passion, I’m not qualified to give you a list of what the best ones are. Luckily, we asked Miami students about theirs to give you some inspiration, and here’s what they said. 


Instagram account: @hensandchicksquilts

Cameron has been sewing since she was 8 years old. She loves to quilt because of all the bright colors and vintage patterns. Her quilts have even won contests in OH, VT, IA, KY, and WI!


Instagram account: @Jackies.paintings_ 

Jackie paints for fun, as a stress reliever, and takes commissions to make extra spending money. She explained how painting is a major part of her life and if she puts her mind to it, she can paint anything. 


Instagram account: @Gillycakes 

Gilly started baking at a young age because she loved being in the kitchen with her mom. Her mom is an amazing cook and she learned so much from her. The first major memory Gilly has of baking for others was in 3rd grade when she would make chocolate chip blondies for all the kids in her class and bring them to school. She loved that she had found something that she was really passionate about that also put a smile on others’ faces. Gilly always made cakes for family and friend’s birthdays and celebrations, but then her sophomore year of high school she decided to make a business out of it and GillyCakes was born. She continues to bake today because she truly believes that it’s hard to be upset about anything when you have a delicious sweet treat in your hand.


Instagram account: @mugleeclub

Gianmarco explained how singing and music have always been a part of who he is and have helped him grow as an individual. Being able to practice music at Miami through the Men’s Glee Club and Open Fifth A cappella has helped Gianmarco stay focused on classes, and become a more well-rounded person.

Hannah Frier | Marketing