As an incoming student, Summer Orientation will be the glimpse of what it’s really like to go to school at Miami. In order to absorb all the new and exciting information coming your way, there are a few questions you might have to prepare for your first year at Miami. We’ve anticipated a few of your questions here to get you off to a productive and smooth start!

Q: What if I need to change my Orientation registration?

A: In the event that you need to change your registration date for Orientation, be sure to log back in to the MyMiami website at least five business days prior to your scheduled date. You’ll only be able to register for the sessions that are not full.

Q: Do I have to take the Math and Language Placement tests?

A: Most incoming students are required to take these placement tests prior to orientation to help determine an appropriate class schedule. However, there are some exceptions to this general rule. Your best bet is to check Orientation and Transition Programs Placement Tests for verification on what tests you should take.

Q: What picture can I use for my Miami ID?

A: Your picture should be relatively recent (within the last 6 months), with a light background, headroom, and with no accessories blocking your face. Make sure you’re looking directly into your camera! More specifications can be found at MiamiOH.edu/IDcard You should upload your picture through the MyCard website before orientation begins.

J3315 Student Orientation Session 5
Student Orientation Check-In

Q: What exactly should I bring for Orientation?

A: If you’re unsure what to pack for your first night at Miami, there is a list on the Summer Orientation section of the Orientation and Transition Programs website. Some items on his list include: placement test scores, a printed parking pass, casual clothing, pillow and blanket, toiletries, and comfortable walking shoes.

J3215 Student Orientation Session 4
Walking in a Small Group

Q: Should I bring food for myself to eat?

A: When you arrive at Orientation, a $30 declining balance meal card is provided for meals and snacks. You can use these at any of Miami’s dining halls. If all of the balance goes unused, meal cards can still be spent at campus dining locations through the end of the fall semester.

Small Group Session with a SOUL
Small Group Session with a SOUL

Q: What should I expect at Orientation? 

A: Prepare to learn a TON about Miami and the wealth of resources available to you and your family. The program is broken into chunks of small group time, interactive activities, and large group lectures to help you digest information. However, it’s completely normal to be overwhelmed. Chances are you won’t remember everything you pick up at Orientation, but you will have a better of idea of what is offered and how to find the answers to your questions.

You’ll also be assigned to a Student Orientation Undergraduate Leader, or SOUL, for the length of the program. Your SOUL will make sure you know where you’re going, start conversations in your group, and answer questions you might have.

Orientation Staff 2016 - Professional Pose
Orientation Staff 2016 – Professional Pose
Orientation Staff 2016
Orientation Staff 2016 having some fun with a pose