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Project-Based Learning Method: Foreign Language Travel Guide

Project-Based Learning Method 1: Foreign Language Travel Guide The world is becoming as diverse as ever before and it this awareness has created a need to understand from one another’s differences and multicultural backgrounds. Our inter-connectivity doesn’t just exist online, … Continue reading

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Cooperative Learning Strategies

Cooperative Learning Method 1: Circle of Viewpoints For this idea, students are able to gain different viewpoints and perspectives from other classmates about a certain event, topic, or issue.This allows for a thorough and more complete understanding about what is … Continue reading

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Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction Methods

CBCI Method 1: Intradisciplinary Process Web A simple and creative way that allows students to make broad generalizations and develop critical thoughts about a topic is through an intradiscriplinary process web. Though this method, students are given a critical topic … Continue reading

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MTV Learning Strategies- Chalk Talk & Tug-of-War

MTV Strategy #1¬†-Chalk Talk Engaging students in the classroom can be difficult thing to do. Often times many students may feel intimidated by their peers out of fear that they might be judged for their ideas or what they have … Continue reading

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