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Project Based Learning

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Student Guide: What do I do next?

This project based learning final product will be a culmination of information learned by high school students throughout the unit. Throughout the unit, students will cover topics and mini topics having to do with options that are possible after graduation. At the end of each topic groups will converge and work on portions of The Guide which will be created out of their own interpretations and questions about what to do after high school.


Student Learning Goals:

Key Knowledge and Understanding- Students will understand that there are many avenues toward higher education. They will learn to think critically about which paths are best for different students and how to navigate the process. 

Key Success Skills- Students will be able to interpret different viewpoints and think about bias. Students will learn to become smart consumers of information and understand that their next step is their own choice. Students will work collaboratively with each other and listen to ideas that are different from their own. They will learn to time manage and carry the project to completion.

The Harsh Truth: U.S. Colleges are Businesses and Student Loans Pay the Bills

Challenging Problem or Question-

What should students do after graduation?


Sustained Inquiry-

Students will ask themselves what are my options after graduation? Each student will explore different avenues and weigh the pros and cons of each option. Students will also focus on where those avenues will lead them, what will they do after they choose that path.

10 things that make a job awesome

Students will have many options for inquiring about the topic,

  • Researching online what the different options are
  • Interviewing others who have navigated different post graduation routes
  • How many students go that specific route?
  • Looking up the cost of different options
  • Looking up the career and salary outcomes of different options
  • Talking to staff members or those who recruit students to the different options
  • Talking to peers to find out what questions or concerns they have about what to do after graduation


In addition to including students voice and choice, the product and the exploration of the topic will also be based on the current social climate. This means each year the project will be authentic for each group of students who participate in the PBL. 


Student Voice and Choice-

This project will be completely based around the students questions and concerns about what they will do after graduation. The final product, “Student Guide: What do I do next?” will be a booklet guide from students to their peers rather than from an adult for students.



Each week students will spend time thinking about the big picture. Students will be encouraged to sit back and think about what had been explored that week, if things need to be elaborated on or if the next topic can be explored. Ultimately the guide is meant to help students feel at ease and prepared with useful information before making their post graduation plans. Does the guide actually answer some of their own questions or are we creating this guide just to get it done?


Critique and Revision-

Students will be able to critique what they have created as a team, if it makes sense, if it answers questions, if it solidifies previously held ideas etc. Students will also want to critique the actual layout of the Student Guide. The booklet should be easy to read and should make sense to other students.


Public Product-

The Student Guide: What do I do next? Will be the final culmination of students work and research. This will be a tangible product that students, teachers, community members, parents and others will be able to read and explore. By creating this booklet, students will feel like their research can actually be impactful and shouldn’t just stay within the walls of the classroom. Most students feel nervous and unprepared about what to do after graduation, so why not create something to help everyone.



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    Project Based Learning- Lauren Hickman | EDT 622

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