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CBCI for the Thinking Classroom (CBCI)

What is CBCI? Many of us grew up with the education practices of direct instruction with independent practice. We were taught to “sit and get” and regurgitate the information back on weekly assessments.  Concept-based curriculum and instruction(CBCI) has transformed learning … Continue reading

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Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction (CBCI)

Why CBCI for Students? In order for students to be successful in the world outside of school, they must be able to think critically and make connections across multiple contexts. To make these connections, students need to systematically build knowledge, … Continue reading

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Knurek – CBCI

Unit Title: Scientific Notation: Using Exponents to Make Meaning of the World Around Us! Conceptual Lens: Mathematical/Scientific, Researcher Unit Strands: Converting Between Scientific Notation and Standard Form Operations with Scientific Notation Real-World Applications with Scientific Notation Web: Generalizations: Exponents can be … Continue reading

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CBCI Strategy – Burtis

The following blog reflects a big departure from how I have done things in the past! Maybe old dogs can learn new tricks. After going through the readings for class, I was compelled to look at how I go about teaching. … Continue reading

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CBCI Lesson Plan – Heller

Unit Title: Linear Relationships: What will happen next? Subject: Algebra I  Lesson Opening: You’ve already learned all of the building blocks of linear functions. We’ve worked with at least three different ways to represent linear relationships and have a strong understanding … Continue reading

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