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Bradford: Project-Based Learning Lesson Plan

Project-Based Learning: Design Your Own Desk! Project Overview For this project, students will be designing new desks that they would like to see in the classroom.   These desks could have tops in the shape of “half donuts” or the traditional … Continue reading

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Bradford – Cooperative Learning Lessons

Lesson 1: Team Building Activity – Variation of “It’s a Mystery” Lesson Objective This goal of this lesson is to help students learn to work together as a team, to learn to communicate, and to learn to problem solve together.  … Continue reading

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Bradford – CBCI Lesson Plan

Area and Perimeter of Quadrilaterals and Triangles Conceptual Lens: Geometry Time Allocation: 3-4 Days Grade: 7th; taught as a review of 6th grade content Unit Overview:  Area and perimeter are used all of the time in real life – from … Continue reading

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