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Project-Based Learning – Markham

This Project-Based Learning idea is adapted from Geodesic Greenhouses, a PBL by the WV DOE and discovered through the Buck Institute for Education’s Project Search. Overview A local farmer wishes to build a greenhouse on her property to allow for … Continue reading

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Bradford – CBCI Lesson Plan

Area and Perimeter of Quadrilaterals and Triangles Conceptual Lens: Geometry Time Allocation: 3-4 Days Grade: 7th; taught as a review of 6th grade content Unit Overview:  Area and perimeter are used all of the time in real life – from … Continue reading

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MTV Strategies – Markham

*Lesson 1: Introduction to Quadrilaterals (What makes you say that?) Objective: The purpose is to have students identify the key aspects of various types of quadrilaterals.  By varying the quadrilaterals used for the activity, this lesson can be used with … Continue reading

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Thinking Routines Lessons_Altieri

This blog post contains two lesson plans that can be implemented in Algebra 1 or Geometry classrooms.  I created the lessons to specifically reflect two thinking routines (Zoom In and Generate-Sort-Connect-Elaborate).  The lessons are detailed and include an overview, timing guide, … Continue reading

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