PBL – Designing A Program for Matching Tour Guides with Families

Designing A Program for Matching Tour Guides with Families

Objective: create a program or system that allows tour guides to match up with families of similar interests

Essential Project Design Elements:

  1. Challenging problem or question:
    How can we improve our “breakout” techniques and develop a process that allows real connections between prospective families and students to be made?
  2. Sustained inquiry
    • Interview conducted by tour guides with prospective families about how they tour experience could be improved
    • Surveys sent out after each tour
  3. Authenticity
    The authenticity on this project will come with using technology. The students will be allowed to choose what program they would like to use to create a “matching system.” This project is to better the experience of the prospective families AND guides by determining a commonality between them so meaningful and memorable connections can be made.
    *I will allow them to experiment with programming systems and guide them with questions like “could you use excel with sorting data?” “What other online sources have we consulted before?”
  4. Student voice and choice
    • This project is run by students because the outcome is FOR the students
    • They will be the voice and representatives for the objective
  5. Reflection
    • Personal Blog Assignment
      Students will be encouraged to share their thoughts on a blog throughout the project duration. Using a blog allows growth to be documented for the student’s and supervisor’s reference.
      *I think it’s really important for the students, especially, to see a visual representation of their progress.
  6. Critique and Revision
    Launch Demonstration with Admission Staff 

    • All tours guide students will demonstrate how to use newly developed system. Immediately following, Admission Staff will give feedback and revisions will be made as needed.

7. Public Product

  • Launch – Families will be able to match with a guide that has similar interests or is from the same hometown for a more personal tour experience!


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