I earned my PhD in Statistics and Operations Research from The Pennsylvania State University in 2010, with advisors Enrique del Castillo and James Rosenberger. I study the design and analysis of experiments, particularly practical and algorithmic approaches to screening and model-robust designs, as well as regularization methods for their analysis. Much of my work involves applied optimization, and I also have an interest in statistical consulting and collaboration, in areas including experimental design and predictive modeling. More recently, in addition to research in experimental design, I have worked on issues of experimental design pedagogy, statistical engineering, and subsampling in big data settings.

For a curated list of papers, see my CV (updated 6/11/2024).

Submitted / In Revision / In Process

Cui, M., Qi, K., Smucker, B., and Sundaramoorthi, D. A Multi-Objective Capacity-Constrained Optimization of Corn Planting Scheduling. Submitted. [pdf] [supplementary material]

Perez-Estrada, J.R., Tangeman, J., Proto-Newton, M., Sanaka, H., Smucker, B., and Del Rio-Tsonis, K. Metabolic States Influence Chicken Retinal Pigment Epithelium Cell Fate Decisions. Resubmitted. [bioRxiv preprint]

Stallrich, J.W., Young, K., Weese, M.L., Smucker, B.J., and Edwards, D.J. An optimal design framework for lasso sign recovery. Submitted. [arXiv preprint]

Akubire Abugre, J. and Smucker, B.J. A Comparison of Supersaturated Designs and Orthogonal Arrays. Submitted. [pdf]


Young, K., Weese, M.L., Stallrich, J.W., Smucker, B.J., and Edwards, D.J. (2024+) A Graphical Comparison of Screening Designs using Support Recovery Probabilities. Accepted to Journal of Quality Technology. [arXiv preprint]

Tsissios, G., Sallese, A., Perez-Estrada, J.R., Tangeman, J.A., Chen, W., Smucker, B., Ratvasky, S.C., Grajales-Esquivel, E., Martinez, A., Visser, K.J., Araus, A.J., Wang, H., Simon, A., Yun, M.H., Del Rio-Tsonis, K. (2024). Macrophages modulate fibrosis during newt lens regeneration. Stem Cell Research & Therapy 15, 141. [pdf] [statistical supplement]

Tsissios, G., Theodoroudis-Rapp, G., Chen, W., Sallese, A., Smucker, B., Ernst, L., Chen, J., Xu, Y., Ratvasky, S., Wang, H., and Del Rio-Tsonis, K. (2023). Characterizing the lens regeneration process in Pleurodeles waltl. Differentiation, 132:15-23. [bioRxiv preprint].

Smucker, B.J., Stevens, N.T., Asscher, J., and Goos, P. (2023). Profiles in the Teaching of Experimental Design and Analysis. Journal of Statistics and Data Science Education, DOI: 10.1080/26939169.2023.2205907. [pdf] [Supplemental Material]

Tangeman, J.A., Perez-Estrada, J.R., Van Zeeland, E., Liu, L., Danciutiu, A., Grajales-Esquivel, E., Smucker, B., Lian, C., and Del Rio-Tsonis, K. (2022). A stage-specific OTX2 regulatory network and maturation-associated gene programs are inherent barriers to RPE neural competency. Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology, section Molecular and Cellular Pathology, 10.3389/fcell.2022.875155.

Zhang, J., Kong, Y., Bailer, A.J., Zhu, Z., and Smucker, B.J. (2022). Incorporating Historical Data when Determining Sample Size Requirements for Aquatic Toxicity Experiments. Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics, 27:544-561.

Snyder, M. and Smucker, B.J. (2022). Metamodel Optimization of a Complex, Rural-Urban Emergency Medical Services System. Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, 148, 10.1016/j.simpat.2022.102526. [pdf] [Supplemental Material]

Weese, M.L., Stallrich, J.W., Smucker, B.J., and Edwards, D.J. (2021). Strategies for Supersaturated Screening: Group Orthogonal and Var(s+) Designs. Technometrics, 63:4, 443-455, DOI: 10.1080/00401706.2020.1850529. [pdf] [Supplemental Material]

Chen, W., Tsissios, G., Sallese, A., Smucker, B., Nguyen, A.-T., Chen, J., Wang, H., and Del Rio-Tsonis, K. (2021). In vivo imaging of newt lens regeneration: Novel insights into the regeneration process. Translation Vision Science & Technology, 10:10. [pdf]

Smucker, B.J., Edwards, D.J., and Weese, M.L. (2021). Response Surface Models: To Reduce or Not to Reduce?. Journal of Quality Technology, 53:2, 197-216. [pdf] [Supplemental Material]

Kristoffersen, P. and Smucker, B.J. (2020). Model-robust design of mixture experiments. Quality Engineering, 32(4):663-675. [pdf] [Supplemental Material]

Liu, C. and Smucker, B.J. (2020). Leveraging Methods for Subsampling: Towards a Realistic Evaluation. Peer-reviewed presentation at Symposium on Statistics & Data Science (peer-reviewed extended abstract), Pittsburgh, June 3-6. [pdf]

Smucker, B., Krzywinski, M., and Altman, N. (2019). Points of Significance: Two-level factorial experiments (invited column). Nature methods, 16:211-212.

Smucker, B., Krzywinski, M., and Altman, N. (2018). Points of Significance: Optimal experimental design (invited column). Nature methods, 15(8):559-560.

Yousefi, A.M., Smucker, B.J., Naber, A.J., Wyrick, C.S., Shaw, C.H., Bennett, K., Szekely, S.E., and Focke, C.A. (2018). Controlling the extrudate swell in melt extrusion additive manufacturing of 3D scaffolds: a designed experiment. Journal of Biomaterials Science, Polymer Edition, 29(3):195-216.

Weese, M.L., Edwards, D.J., and Smucker, B.J. (2017). A Criterion for Constructing Powerful Supersaturated Designs when Effect Directions are Known. Journal of Quality Technology, 49(3):265-277. [pdf] [Supplementary Material]

Smucker, B.J., Jensen, W., Wu, Z., and Wang, B. (2017). Robustness of Classical and Optimal Designs to Missing Observations. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 113:251-260. [pdf] [Designs]

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Uth, N., Mueller, J., Smucker, B., and Yousefi, A.-M. (2017). Validation of Scaffold Design Optimization in Bone Tissue Engineering: Finite Element Modeling versus Designed Experiments. Biofabrication. 9(1). [pdf]

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Smucker, B.J. and Bailer, A.J. (2015). Beyond Normal: Preparing Undergraduates for the Work Force in a Statistical Consulting Capstone. The American Statistician, 69(4):300-306. [pdf of original submission] [Supplementary Material]

Zhang, X., Smucker, B.J., and Woffington, J. (2015) Statistics and Show Business: Shakespeare Meets Predictive Analytics. Chance, 28.2:4-12. [html] [pdf] [shiny app] [simplified dataset] [Cincinnati Business Courier article]

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Smucker, B.J. (2007). Calculating Cell Bounds in Contingency Tables Based on Conditional Frequencies. Master’s Thesis, The Pennsylvania State University.

Selected Presentations

Meta-Model Optimization of Simulated EMS Systems: A Case of Statistical Engineering.” World Statistics Conference (virtual). July 2021.

“A Positive View of Data Ethics.” Diversity and Inclusion Conference: Data Ethics and Algorithmic Bias, Miami University. September 2020. [Video (approximately 12:00-32:00)]

Experimental design ideas in data science: an overview.” Joint Statistical Meetings (Virtual). August 2019.

An Introduction to Split-Plot Experiments with Application to Bone Tissue Engineering.” Central Regional Meeting (CERM) of the American Chemical Society, Midland, MI. June 2019.

“Model-Robust Mixture Experiments.” Spring Research Conference, Blacksburg, VA. May 2019.

Predictive Response Surface Models: To Reduce or Not to Reduce?.” Fall Technical Conference, West Palm Beach, FL. October 2018.

Evaluating and Constructing Designs for Robustness to Unusable Observations.” IFPAC-2017, North Bethesda, MD. March 2017.

A Meta Analysis of Response Surface Experiments.” Fall Technical Conference, Minneapolis. October 2016.

Generating and Comparing Pareto Fronts of Experiment Designs to Simultaneously Account for Multiple Experimental Objectives.” DEMA2015, Sydney, Australia. December 2015.

Approximate Model Spaces for Model-Robust Experiment Design.” Department of Statistics and Operations Research, Virginia Commonwealth University. March 2014.

Candidate-List-Free Exchange Algorithms for Two-Level Model-Robust Designs.” Fall Technical Conference, Kansas City. Contributed. October 2011.

Correcting Bias Introduced by Aerial Counts in Angler Effort Estimation.” American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh. September 2010.

Exchange Algorithms for Model-Robust, Exact Experimental Designs.” Miami University at Oxford, OH. March 2010.

Cell bounds in two-way contingency tables based on conditional frequencies.” Privacy and Statistical Databases, Istanbul. Contributed. September 2008.

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