Syllabi available upon request.

Courses at Miami University

STA 261: Statistics (algebra-based introductory course)

STA 271: Introduction to Actuarial Science

STA 301: Applied Statistics (calculus-based introductory course)

STA 363: Regression and Design of Experiments

STA 401/501: Introduction to Probability

STA 463/563: Regression Analysis

STA 466/566: Experimental Design Methods

STA 471/571: Actuarial Exam Preparation Seminar: Probability

STA 475: Data Analysis Practicum

STA 650/651: Topics in Statistics / Advanced Statistical Methods (modules in both Ethics and Experimental Design)

STA 660: Data Practicum

STA 672: Modeling and Study Design

STA 686: Industrial Statistics

Lectures at Sattler College

MAT 102: Guest lectures for introductory statistics course: “Meaning and the Discipline of Statistics”; “Knowledge, Probability, and the Nature of Belief”; “Ethics and Statistics”

Previous Courses at Penn State University

STAT 200: Elementary Statistics (algebra-based introductory course)

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