Game of the Week Blog Reflection: Roll Player

       This week, we played roll player game during the class. It was a fun game to me because I never played this kind of game before. The roll player game asks players to create their own characters and the standard of winning is which player gets the highest score at the end. Players can earn scores like achieving their attribute goals, using skills or equipment which were bought from the store by coins and so on.

       During the class time, I played roll player with other 2 group members, but there was a disconnection issue all the time, one of these two group members kept reconnecting so that our group cannot get into the final part which is counting who has the highest score. However, the other group member who was more familiar with roll player helped us a lot, she told us what to do next and explaining the rules which we did not understand very well. I think that is what leadership is about.

       About the game itself, I think the hardest part is to make a long-term strategy, which can lead me to win. For example, when you buy equipment or skills from the store, you should not only think about which one you want, but also think about which one the other players want, if that player gets the equipment, he/she wants and that player will get a huge advantage, you cannot let that player get the skill/ equipment. This is just a general example of making a good long-term strategy, I think people can only practice a lot to (play a lot) get this making good strategy.

       I think for the roll player game, people who has a long-term view should be good at this game. Thus, I think my friend Steven might enjoy this game, because he always has a long-term view.

       All in all, I think roll player game is very interesting, and I might play it with my friends if I had a chance.