A letter to my first-year self

When I first came to Miami, it was love at first sight. But I never expected my college experience to go the way that it did. With Covid hitting my sophomore year, it took away so many of the little things that I took for granted. Looking back, I see all of those things that really made my Miami experience. Studying in King with friends. Going to hockey games. Hammocking in central quad on sunny days. And walking those familiar routes on campus. So as a senior, I came up with a few things I would say to my first-year self about what I have learned and I enlisted the help of a few other graduating seniors to write some letters as well.

Dear First-year me, 

It is ok to not have your whole life figured out right after high school graduation. You transferred schools, changed your major and added a minor your Junior year. Things will change as you grow and learn more about yourself and that is ok. You should expect change and allow yourself to go with the flow. It is ok to let go of those expectations you had of yourself and what you felt others expected of you. 

-Sociology Major, Miami class of 2022

Dear First-year me,

Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. It goes by so fast and when you look back you want to see all the things you did, not the things you could have done. Join that club that caught your eye, go to the MAP event, sit front row at every Hockey game, or go for a late night hot tub with your friends at the Rec. There are so many opportunities for everyone, don’t wait too long to take advantage because you’ll regret not going sooner. 

-Computer Science Major, Miami class of 2022

Dear First-year me,

I know that you are terrified that you won’t fit in and you will struggle to make friends, but don’t worry. It all works out for the best. You will go to football and hockey games with people you just met that will turn into lifelong friendships. You will join clubs and play intramural sports and go out to ice cream after every game with all ten of your teammates turned best friends. As long as you put yourself out there, you will find really great people. 

-Journalism Major, Miami class of 2022

Dear First-year me, 

Be bold in trying new things and pushing yourself to break your comfort zone. Stay confident with your abilities and help them grow. Look at life with a positive outlook even on the harder days (and believe me there will be hard days). But most importantly have fun and relax, these 4 years fly by so enjoy them with good friends and laughter 🙂

-Marketing major, Miami class of 2022

Grace Cooper