August 26 Project Update

A new school year started this week, but that didn’t slow down the SSB9 team much!

Direct Deposit functionality will be moving to SSB9 over the next few months. This change allows us to better communicate the use and functionality of Direct Deposit. Training and job aids are being developed to assist employees in setting and maintaining their account information.

We’re one step closer… to attaching documents to journal vouchers. We continue to work with Ellucian on resolving the most recent issues found during testing.

A review of the new interface was completed by both the Registration and Accounts Receivable teams. Suggested changes in wording have been drafted to make it clearer to students on what actions they need to take for payments. We welcome any questions or comments you may have on the various functions that will be available within SSB9.

SSB9 page access audit numbers module totals:
Employee: 15,163
Finance: 2,061
General: 6,132 
Student Financial aid: 99,453

Selected SSB9 page access audit numbers:
/EmployeeSelfService/ssb/hrDashboard: 9,539
/EmployeeSelfService/ssb/laborRedistribution: 526
/BannerGeneralSsb/ssb/general: 3,113
/BannerGeneralSsb/ssb/personalInformation: 1,490
/StudentSelfService/ssb/financialAid: 79,427