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Several Banner 9 Self Service modules are now live

The latest phase of Miami’s transition from Banner 8 to Banner 9 is the implementation of the “self-service” modules. This is the part of Banner that many of us interact with currently through BannerWeb. There are multiple individual modules for Self Service Banner 9 (SSB 9) that have already gone live into production, along with some additional ones that are still in progress. The next step is for you to start using these new modules on a daily basis.

The modules that are currently available to use include the following (with a link to the actual tool):

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Mods vs. Modules

During this adventure, you will hear reports about Banner “mods” and Banner “modules”. These are not the same thing.

“Mods” is short for modifications. Many Miami-specific customizations have been written over the years. IT Services uses the term “mods” to refer to customizations that have been created by rewriting pieces of baseline Banner code.

“Modules” is how Ellucian/Banner refers to the various parts of Banner. There are Banner Financial, Banner Student, Banner Workflow, and many more Banner modules that are or could be part of Miami’s Banner environment.