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October 31 Update

Here is the latest update from the Banner 9 project.

All seven of the Admin modules have been completed and are in Production. Only two of those modules are also running Banner 8 (General and Student). The cut-off date for Banner 8 for those two modules is December 31.

The Application Navigator has been upgraded to version 3 in DEVL and TEST. This relocates the menus and makes other light interface changes. This is planned for PROD on November 11.

For the Self-Service modules, work is continuing on the pieces that are available from Ellucian.

  • General Event Management – Is installed and configured in DEVL and TEST, but a couple of bugs are preventing it from being moved to PROD.
  • Journal Voucher – Betta kickoff began on August 21 and testing continues in DEVL and TEST.

The work on disaster recovery is continuing, with the Go Live date more than likely occurring later this month.

Banner 9 Finance: A message for all users

By Sarah Persinger, Controller’s Office

As you may know, the entire Banner system is being upgraded to a new look and feel with version 9. The Finance portion of the upgrade is scheduled for complete conversion for all campus users by 10/1/2018.

The upgrade for Finance is rolling out in two phases. The first phase is live and consists of central Finance and Business Services office staff who officially cut over to the new version on 5/1 and were actively engaged in testing the upgrade from January to April. Also in this first phase is the Banner 9 Finance Test Pilot group, volunteers providing the valuable perspective of departmental users during our financial system testing and upgrade work. The significant change is to the look and feel of Banner Finance. The keystroke and navigation steps in version 9 are different than you have become accustomed to with Banner 8 and previous versions.

The second phase of the project is for the distributed Banner Finance system users across all campus locations and offices. This phase has a cut over date of 10/1 to alleviate any schedule compression due to May graduation, summer semester, or the start of the new academic year. An early preview of the new version of Banner Finance is available for those who might want to start using the upgraded version sooner than October. We encourage this and want to share with you the appropriate training materials and methods available for your learning experience.

Navigation Video and Online Materials

The navigation video is located in the Canvas course “Banner 9 Finance”. The full Canvas course itself is currently under construction, though access to the 11-minute navigation video is available now if you should want to view it before training.

Banner 9 Finance training sessions

This workshop is scheduled in TRAIN with multiple sessions planned between July and September for all campus locations. You are encouraged to sign up for training well in advance of the 10/1/18 conversion date so that you have time to learn the new look and feel of Banner 9 Finance and get accustomed to the changes.

The comprehensive Banner 9 upgrade project (all modules) is discussed in the Banner 9 website, if you want to read more about this project and the team leads for each module.

Central Finance and Business Services offices:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Budget Office
  • Controller’s Office
  • General Accounting
  • Grants Accounting
  • Purchasing
  • Treasury Services

Banner 9 Continues Moving Forward

Banner 9 Admin will operate very similarly to Banner 8 (a.k.a. “Internet Native Banner”) and uses the same data, but it looks different. Banner 9 Admin works completely in the Chrome web browser, and its modern user interface also works on mobile devices. After the whole conversion is complete, we plan to make it available from the Internet so you can use it wherever you are. To access additional Banner 9 documentation, please visit

IT Services is working directly with the offices that are responsible for each part of Banner, and those offices will work with you to address process training, support, etc. For example, if you use Finance forms to look up account balances, the Finance department will help you with this. If you are an advisor who runs degree audits through Banner, the Registrar’s office will help with this.

Most of the modules have already transitioned to the new version, with only Student still in process. Go live dates for all of the modules are:

  • Advancement (Sept. 10, 2017)
  • Financial Aid (Jan. 19, 2018)
  • Accounts Receivable (April 17, 2018)
  • Finance Admin and Self Service (May 1, 2018)
  • Human Resources (May 21, 2018)
  • Student (June 14, 2018 and November, 2018 for uAchieve users)

The old version (Banner 8) will continue to work for a number of months after Banner 9 Admin is available, which should make for an easy transition between the two. Until Banner 8 is decommissioned, you will be able to use Banner 8 and 9 simultaneously. Each module will have its own cut-off date for Banner 8, and those are shown below:

  • Advancement (July 1, 2018)
  • Financial Aid (Sept. 15, 2018)
  • Accounts Receivable (Sept. 15, 2018)
  • Finance Admin and Self Service (May 1, 2018)
  • Human Resources (May 21, 2018)
  • Student (Dec. 31, 2018)

BannerWeb, used by most everyone throughout the University, is being replaced with Banner 9 “Self-Service”. The first module, Finance Self-Service, was implemented together with the Finance Admin module in early May, with the rest of the modules to follow later in 2018 or 2019.

Financial Aid next in line to go live

Following on the heels of a successful implementation for Advancement, Financial Aid is the next office scheduled to go live with Production Banner 9. Tentatively, that is scheduled for early November.

During the implementation for Advancement, an issue was discovered with the way Banner 9 works in Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE). The project team is working on finalizing a new schedule that moves up the installation of BDM Xtender V8 to help with the IE issue.

Live in Prod Now = Live in Advancement!

On time, on budget. The Advancement and IT Services team working on Miami’s Banner 9 project can claim success on both!


The Advancement office staff are now actively using the four Banner 9 modules (Advancement, Banner Document Management System (BDMS), General, and Student) moved to the production server earlier this month. 

This milestone is critical to the Banner 9 project in two ways. The BDMS, General, and baseline Student modules support each of the implementations to follow. This engagement also serves as a “proof of concept” of the project core team’s testing and training process.

So kudos to the Advancement implementation team. You hit it out of the park!

I need to report something about a Banner 9 project. Who do I call?

The Banner 9 project is a big, complex beast with many moving parts. In formal project management lingo, we call it a “program” made up of many “projects.” Some of the work we are doing is for the “program” – like setting up the Dev, Test, and Prod versions. (See earlier post to learn what Dev/Test/Prod means.) That work supports all of the individual projects. However, each project has a unique timeline, a team of staff, and work to be completed. Issues and questions may be related to the full program or directly to one of the projects.

3 circles inside each other. The smallest is labeled Project, the medium is labeled Program, and the largest is labeled Porfolio

With an undertaking of this size, it is inevitable that questions and problems will arise. Instead of asking you to keep all of this straight, the Support Desk (513.529.7900 or is always a correct method to get attention to an issue. It is the most actively monitored support vector, and is used by all of IT Services.

If you are working with an IT development team on an active implementation, feel free to work out an effective method with the team, but the Support Desk is always a good option.

Update: 7/17

These Banner 9 modules have been created in Test

  • General
  • Advancement
  • Student
  • Banner Document Management System (resolving issues)
  • Accounts Receivable (in progress)

Production environment hardware installation should be complete today – 7/14. Software prep will begin next week.

Current activities:
  • Installed Advancement, BDMS, General, Student (baseline) modules
  • Testing/Training consultant starts on Monday, 7/17
  • Go Live scheduled for week of 9/11/2017

Financial Aid

  • Interviewing consultant now – start date around August 1
  • Go Live in either October or November
  • Mod re-engineering
  • Initial results look positive

4 mods have been or are in the process of being worked on

Developers are testing an application builder that may significantly reduce the time required to build some mods/standalone forms

Ethos Workflow evaluation and Integration Hub work continue

Scheduling conference calls with Ellucian Subject Matter Experts for each area to discuss mods vs baseline, new features in Banner 9 we could take advantage of, etc

Fun With Forms

Last week we talked about fun with mods – this week the project core team is looking at Oracle standalone forms we use in Banner. 126 of these forms have been identified and Jeff Toaddy is playing Sherlock, sleuthing out all the relevant information needed to make decisions about the future of each form. Jeff has had a series of Watson’s – partners from the client offices – helping him understand which clues are useful and which are just red herrings.

To date, 69 forms have been labeled “retire” – that’s nearly 55%. Ten will be rebuilt or replaced, three are part of a mod that has already been evaluated, and the rest are still in “investigation mode.” Watch for more Fun with Forms updates!!