August 19 Project Update

Updates for security issues were applied to PROD the weekend of August 13.

The following were installed on August 13 as part of the PRODBanner 9x Database Upgrade 9.27:
Banner Student Self Service: 9.20.1
Banner Ethos API DB Upgrade: 9.27
Banner Ethos API DB Upgrade:
Banner 9x Database Upgrade:
Banner Faculty Self Service: 9.18.1
Banner General Self Service:
Banner Admin Common:
Banner Student:
Banner Student Registration Self Service: 9.25.1
Banner Integration API:
Banner Student API:
Banner Employee Self-Service:
Banner Finance Self-Service:
Banner Communication Management:
Banner Application Navigator:
Banner Event Publisher:
Banner Extensibility:
Banner Document Management API:
Banner Student eTranscript API:
Banner General: 8.14.1
Banner Student: 8.24
Banner Student: 8.24.

We have also begun working on moving BannerWeb functionality to SSB9 – these include W4 collection information, Work Address updates, and Fee Waiver. Design and setup of Effort Reporting are underway, Benefits for New Hires, and Open Enrollment for 2023 processing.

We continue to work with Ellucian on resolving issues with uploading documents for JVs.

A review of the initial setup of Registration, Student Profile, and the menu for Student is in process. Load Testing of the SSB9 Registration module will begin mid-Fall to ensure an efficient, reliable way for students to register.

We welcome any questions or comments you may have on the various functions that will be available within SSB9.

SSB9 page access audit numbers module totals:
Employee: 12,770
Finance: 1,349
General: 3,833
Student Financial Aid: 92,822

Selected SSB9 page access audit numbers:
/EmployeeSelfService/ssb/hrDashboard: 7,910
/EmployeeSelfService/ssb/laborRedistribution: 500
/BannerGeneralSsb/ssb/general: 1,806
/BannerGeneralSsb/ssb/personalInformation: 1,055
/StudentSelfService/ssb/financialAid: 74,193