Richard Klein, Germany’s Modern Architecture, 1936-1937

After Germany’s humiliating defeat in World War I the country was forced to rebuild. Reorganization efforts resulted in the rise of the Nazi Party. The 1936 Olympic games in Berlin became a propaganda tool to show German superiority. Germany touted the new vocabulary of German architecture that developed during the 1920s and 1930s. In the background is Berlin’s Olympic Stadium (1934-1936). The middle ground features the northwest end of the Nazi Rally Grounds in Nuremberg with the large eagle resting upon an encircled swastika. In the left foreground is the Haus der Kunst (Museum of Art) in Munich, the site of the 1937 installation of Entartete Kunst, “Degenerate Art.” The exhibition ridiculed modern art, which Adolph Hitler deemed non-traditional, contemptible and perverse.

Richard Klein (German, 1890-1967) Germany’s Modern Architecture, 1936-1937 Color lithograph with gold metallic ink Gift of Elma Pratt