Othon Pervolarakis, Visit Greece, 1935

The sculpture of Poseidon featured in this poster resides in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, Greece. The Hellenistic sculpture dating to ca. 125-100 BCE was discovered on the Greek Island of Melos in 1877. The Parian marble sculpture is depicted with the now missing trident standing in front of a Doric column, symbols of the mythology and culture of Greece.

Greece officially entered WWII in October of 1940 when invaded by Italy, one of the Axis Powers. The Greek army held its own until the German invasion in April 1941. Greece would remain occupied until the end of WWII.

O. (Othon) Pervolarakis (Greek, 1887-1974) Visit Greece, 1935 Lithograph on paper Gift of Elma Pratt