Charles Emmanuel Joseph Roussel, Holland Bulbtime Season April – May, 1935

Holland, or the Netherlands, is famous for tulips and windmills, both of which play an extensive role in Holland’s economy and tourism industry. More than 1,000 windmills drain water from the lowlands for farming and tulip growing. Today, approximately 60% of Holland’s land is for agricultural and horticultural use supporting the nearly 2 billion tulips exported annually.

Despite the declaration of neutrality at the outbreak of World War II (WWII), Germany invaded Holland in May 1940 and occupied much of the country until the end of the war. More than 200,000 Dutch citizens perished. While tulip bulbs were not planted, they did serve as nourishment and helped save many Dutch citizens.

Emmanuel Gaillard (French, b. 1902) Holland Bulbtime, 1938 Lithograph on paper Gift of Elma Pratt