Antoni Jensen, Vacation in Denmark – for gaiety and recreation, 1950

Copenhagen is famous for its many picturesque canals that are popular tourist sites. Printed using a new technique known as photolithography, this poster features a photographic reproduction of the Højbro Plads, or “The High Bridge Square.” Among the key sights is the statue of Absalon, the bishop credited with founding Copenhagen. The German occupation of Denmark lasted from April 1940 through May 1945. Denmark attempted neutrality at the outset of the war, but cooperated with Germany after occupation in order to avoid heavy casualties. Denmark’s government practiced no military resistance during the war; however, guerilla movements such as The Hvidsten Group fought against German occupation.

Antoni Jensen (Danish, 1929-1973), Illustrator Konstantin J. Kostich (Danish), Photographer Vacation in Denmark – for gaiety and recreation, 1950 Photolithograph on paper Gift of Elma Pratt