Andres Beckman, Stockholm Sweden, 1946

Stockholm, Sweden, consists of 14 islands along Lake Mälaren where it feeds into the Baltic Sea. Several iconic tourist sites in Stockholm are presented, including the Riddarholm Church (left), Engelbrekt Engelbrektsson Column (center), Stadshuset City Hall (right), and Lake Mälaren (middle and background) featuring post-war modernist architecture. Although Sweden maintained relations with Germany, the Scandinavian country remained neutral during WWI. In WWII, Sweden did allow German forces to travel through Sweden and provided resources to allow Germany to assist Finland when attacked by the Soviet Union. Sweden placed itself in a precarious position during WWII by harboring refugees fleeing from the Nazi war machine.

Andres Beckman (Swedish, 1907-1967) Stockholm, Sweden, 1946 Lithograph on paper Gift of Elma Pratt