April 28 Project Update


  • Registration and Account Receivable went live on Wednesday, April 26
  • ePromise went live on Thursday, April 27
  • Training videos were released for Student support at the same time
  • Effort Reporting will be released to the PIs on May 22

We’re almost finished, everyone, with the full move from BannerWeb to Baanner 9 Self Service. The last large piece – Student Profile will be available on August 8.

Many people and areas have gone into the success of this rollout.

Congratulations to the Effort Certification Team!
Paula Murray, Linda Manley, Sara Hayes, Joyce Looby, Sarah Persinger, Bill Miley, John Goerke, Dean Harris, and Cherise Greski.

Congratulations to all who helped get Registration over the finish line!!
Mandy Euen, Alicia Current, John Goerke, Bill Miley, Dean Harris,  and Cherise Greski

Congratulations to the AR Team on implementing ePromise!!
Kriss Cassano, Andrea Seward, Bill Miley, John Goerke, Dean Harris,  and Cherise Greski

And special appreciation to the Training Development Team
Tedisha “Teddy” Johnson and Randy Hollowell

Training videos have been well received and our students are taking advantage of them:

  • Register for Classes: 257
  • Prepare for Registration: 217
  • Schedule and Options Overview: 150
  • Join a Waitlist: 94
  • Credit/No Credit Mode: 63
  • Drop Classes: 74
  • Browse Classes: 165 (1 Like)
  • ePromise at Registration: 181 (1 Like)
  • ePromise Pre-sign: 241 (1 Like)

As always, let us know if you have any questions about the new functionality and training available for Banner 9 Self Service.

2023 Banner 9 Self Service page access audit numbers module totals:

  • Employee: 96,999
  • Finance: 15,998
  • General: 85,065
  • Student, AR & Financial Aid: 68,958
  • Registration: 30,656

2022 Baanner 9 Self Service page access audit numbers module totals (Apr 18 – Dec 31):

  • Employee: 86,662
  • Finance: 15,459
  • General: 49,191
  • Student Financial aid: 138,097