December 19 Project Update

The holiday break is just around the corner… It is interesting to realize just how far the Banner 9 Self Service project has accomplished! And, yet, the new year will introduce even more functionality. We look forward to introducing:

  • Fee Waiver
  • Effort Reporting
  • Salary Planner
  • BDM/JV
  • Student Registration
  • Student Accounts Receivable
  • New Hire Benefits in early 2023
  • Benefits Open Enrollment for Fall 2023
  • ePromise

Much of the functionality in Banner 9 Self Service is clear to utilize, however, some of the teams have also created short training videos to clarify areas that might prompt questions. Please go to MiamiLearn  to discover available training for Banner 9 Self Service.

Continue to follow the blog for specific dates and information on each of these converted activities in Banner 9 Self Service. As always, let us know if you have any questions about the new functionality and training available for Banner 9 Self Service.

Banner 9 Self Service page access audit numbers module totals:

  • Employee: 79,627
  • Finance: 13,667
  • General: 45,405
  • Student Financial aid: 134,095

Self Service Selected SSB9 page access audit numbers:

  • /EmployeeSelfService/ssb/hrDashboard: 52,002                    
  • /EmployeeSelfService/ssb/laborRedistribution: 1,321
  • /BannerGeneralSsb/ssb/general: 28,850
  • /BannerGeneralSsb/ssb/personalInformation: 9,289
  • /StudentSelfService/ssb/financialAid: 107,759