Miami University Press novellas are chosen via an annual novella prize competition.

Sita in Exile cover
Sita in Exile, Rashi Rohatgi
Conscious Designs cover
Conscious Designs, Nathanial White
Born Sleeping
Born Sleeping, H.C. Gildfind
History of an Executioner
History of an Executioner, Clancy McGilligan
Temper CA
Temper CA, Paul Skenazy
Day of All Saints
Day of All Saints, Patricia Grace King
That Night Alive
That Night Alive, Tara Deal
Camp Olvido
Camp Olvido, Lawrence Coates
Fountain, Tote Hughes
Men Beware Women, Gwen Thompson
Mitko, Garth Greenwell
The Old Whitaker Place, David Chambers
Under the Small Lights, John Cotter
The Guide to the Flying Island, Lee Upton
A Fight in the Doctor’s Office, Cary Holladay
Badlands, Cynthia Reeves
The Waiting Room, Albert Sgambati

Short Fiction

Mayor of the Roses
Mayor of the Roses: Stories
Marianne Villanueva

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