Roll Player

Last week we played Roll Player online through Tabletopia. The hardest part for me was definitely adjusting to the board game simulator and understanding whose turn it was. The confusion over turns was solved by constantly mentioning whose turn it was and keeping track of who went when after replacing the order cards. Our Zoom connection was fairly good so we were able to talk over how to play and get to know each other a bit while playing.

When playing Roll Player I enjoy the art and the overall unique character creation. I don’t particularly enjoy keeping track of the specific abilities of the trait and skill cards. It does take some time to understand how to keep track of the dice placement goals and I do think that anyone interested in learning to play Dungeons & Dragons or anyone who wants inspiration for a new character would appreciate playing a round or two, alone or with friends. I like that it can be taken as seriously as I want and still be fun.

It ties into leadership through the slow building of unique, and possibly unusual, backstories and strengths of each player’s character that can help the players gain a better understanding of strangers. Even more, it makes you have to be willing to adapt your strategies as some goals become unattainable. Throughout the game we had to have patience with each other, ourselves, and the simulator, something I see becoming relevant for every game.