Free Play

This week we are free to play the game we want, and our group decided to play Incan Gold which we left and have no time to play it last week. I think it is very flexible that we can choose what we want to play. Luckily our group members are all first time playing with it but all now the rules. Incan gold is a very fun game to play in which each player pushes their luck as we head into the ruined temple and our goal is to find the most jewels. Each turn, a card is turned over which shows that increases the gold found in a temple or shows a hazard. Hazard cards like fire, snack, mummy, giant spider are what we want to avoid when we played. Because when the hazard card comes up more than twice, the disaster will occur and the round ends. All the jewels of players who have not returned to the camp are recovered. I think it is the riskiest part of the game. Every time when we want to explore new territory, more gems and dangers appear. If we choose to leave, those who remain in the temple may acquire a bigger share of jewels. 

Overall, the process of playing Incan Gold is very smooth because every group members have a chance to be the ultimate explorer and the winner with the most treasure. So it is very critical to decided when to stop since the hazard card will take out all you have acquired. It is related to me when I make some critical decisions, I will consider the consequence and then weigh the pros and cons when I made the decision. But usually, I am a very cautious person not willing to take any risk, and it is reflected in the Incan Gold. It is also tied to leadership since a good leader needs to make the decision based on the information we have. And the leader needs to consider the impact of the decision on the entire organization, so the balance of risk and safety is very important. 

Finally, I will definitely recommend this game to my family members, I think my parents would like to play Incan Gold and we will have a very exciting play process. The game is accessible, and a very high fun factor as a result of the press-your-luck element and simultaneous selection mechanic. And it keeps fun for everyone.