B20: A Petrographic Analysis of Shonkinites in the Adel Mountain Range

A rare rock type known as a shonkinite was found in the Adel Mountain range of Southwest Montana near the Missouri River and we set out to determine its crystallization history and magmatic evolution. As a first step towards this research goal, thin sections were made, and a petrographic analysis was conducted to determine composition […]

B57: Validating an LED-based Spectrofluorimeter System for Monitoring Cellular Metabolic Response in Tissue-like Environments

Cellular metabolism represents all the series of reactions in a cell that take place in order for the cell to survive. Tissue-like environments simulate a shared network of cells by introducing different forms of turbid media to a cell solution to simulate a real-life environment. Autofluorescence is a method for analyzing metabolic response in biological […]

A03: Acute Blood Glucose Response Differences During One Week of Riding an E-Bike

The health benefits of physical activity are well established, especially in those with chronic conditions and/or low fitness levels. Many individuals may not engage in regular physical activity due to perceptions of it being too difficult or not enjoyable. The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of short-term electric bike (e-bike; EB) […]

A05: Using molecular biology to conduct biogeographic analysis of the Gammarus lacustris species complex in North America

Gammarus lacustris possesses one of the largest ranges observed among freshwater Amphipoda, occurring from eastern Europe to southern China and Siberia, and into the western United States and Canada. A range this size is truly remarkable for a single amphipod species, given that they lack both a resting stage and a dispersal larval stage and […]

A06: Perceived Effectiveness of Peer Interaction in Physics Courses

Physics remains an area of STEM with lower amounts of diversity among the student population, therefore it becomes important to consider how classroom culture may contribute to a lack of belonging for students in underrepresented groups. This study aimed to determine how students in physics courses at Miami University perceived peer interactions in their courses […]

A07: The Effectiveness of Curriculum on Health Disparities

The purpose of this study is to design and investigate the effectiveness of curriculum on health disparities by (dis)ability and age in an undergraduate medical sociology course. Student learning outcomes for the unit were developed, and resources were reviewed and selected based on their relevance and ability to enhance student learning in accordance with the […]

A08: Food Insecurity and the Healthcare Experience of Adults Living in Over-the-Rhine

The primary focus of this study was to understand food insecurity in the healthcare experience of adults in Over-the-Rhine, Ohio. Food insecurity is often a result of living in a food desert and highlights immeasurable inequality in healthy eating.The conditions that induce food insecurity are also explicitly linked to housing insecurity issues . After conducting […]

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