A14: Crown-ether appended Ortho-phenylenes with bound chiral guests

Many abiotic foldamers are composed of achiral parts but adopt chiral geometries, like helices. In these systems, there is no inherent preference for one handedness of the fold. Ortho-phenylenes are a class of aromatic foldamers that fold into helices driven by arene-arene stacking interactions. Although their folding is now reasonably understood, it is not clear […]

C31: Design of an Adsorption Process to Remove Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA) from Wastewater

Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) is a very common pollutant in chemical industries and consumer products. It is resistant to common wastewater treatment processes due to its strong stability. PFOA is a health hazard as exposure leads to serious health issues that impact humans and the environment. This project had two major components. The first component is […]

A45: How can participation in student organizations enable the academic success of Bridges scholars?

Our general research area is supporting students academically and student success. The research question asked was what ways does the membership in a student organization affect the academic and social success of Bridges Scholars? This is relevant for our field because we want to make sure that the students involved are succeeding at Miami University […]

A79: Exploring the Physiological & Perceptual Responses to the Fusion of Aerobic & Resistance Exercise in a Single Workout

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (USDHHS) has stated that an unsettling 82% of adults do not get the recommended amount of physical activity to improve health and well-being. Additionally, one of the goals for Healthy People 2020 urges individuals to increase muscle-strengthening activity and incorporate this […]

B32: Soil Remediation of Silver Mine Tailings Through the Use of Vegetation

The act and process of mining natural resources has yielded great economic and technological growth for mankind. Although a necessity for our civilization, mining has extensive environmental impacts due to the byproduct of mine waste, also known as tailings. Mine waste is material rendered economically invaluable as a result of the mining ore. The presence […]

A30: 3D Window Identification for Architectural Modeling from Images

Our general research area is computer vision and computer graphics, and our research problem is 3D reconstruction of window for architectural modeling from window images. The 3D reconstruction of window from images required the learning of 3D properties and viewpoint interpolation of window images. 3D representation will includes PBR mapping, depth mapping and viewpoint interpolation […]

B35: Evaluating the Evolution of Magmatic Systems on Earth: Insights from Volcanoes and their Minerals on the Bolivian Altiplano, South America

Partial melting of Earth’s mantle in various tectonic settings leads to a wide array of magmatic processes and products in both at-plate boundary and intraplate settings. Of these, the volcanic products in regions where oceanic plates are descending below (or subducting beneath) overriding continental plates are mineralogically and chemically the most diverse. Classic examples include […]

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