BRIII-01: Investigation of the Exchange Bias Properties of a Series of Fe Doped Mn2-xFexNi1.4Ga0.6 Heusler Alloys

We are investigating the effect of Fe doping on the magnetic and exchange bias properties of Mn2-xFexNi1.4Ga0.6. The parent compound, Mn2Ni1.4Ga0.6 (x = 0) exhibits a ferromagnetic phase transition near 300 K. The material also demonstrates interesting exchange bias properties. In this research forum presentation, the background information related to exchange bias will be discussed. […]

CSI-03: The Disneyfication of American Culture

The general area of this research is media studies and American studies, but I also was able to bring in aspects of anthropology as well, while studying culture through media. I decided to focus specifically on how Walt Disney and the Walt Disney Corporation have simultaneously influenced and become a symbol of American culture. This […]

CSI-05: Parental and Child Psychosocial Benefit From a Summer Camp Designed for Medically Fragile Youth

Summer camp provides a normative childhood experience for many healthy, neurotypical youth across the United States. To expand the number of youth given access to these experiences, summer camps have been created in recent decades catered towards medically fragile or non-neurotypical youth. Dragonfly Forest is one such summer camp that provides programming for kids with […]

BRII-02: Does Late Bilingualism Impact Cognitive Flexibility?

Executive functioning encompasses all the cognitive processes that are involved in conscious thought and action (Anderson, 2002). Research in bilingualism has suggested that those who know a second language have certain advantages in these cognitive processes (Bialystok, Craik, Green, & Gollan, 2009). However, it has also been suggested that those who learn their second language […]

BRIV-05: Induction of Retina Regeneration by Interleukin-6

Millions of people throughout the world suffer from visual impairment due to retinal degenerative diseases such as age-related macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa. These afflictions can lead to severe retinal damage which does not heal spontaneously. The embryonic chick has been used as a model organism to study retina regeneration in the hopes to find […]

BRIV-02: Taking the ‘Vir’ Out of ‘Virtus:’ Feminine Demonstrations of Virtus in Shakespeare’s Cymbeline

My project, entitled, “Taking the ‘Vir’ Out of ‘Virtus:’ Feminine Demonstrations of Virtus in Shakespeare’s Cymbeline,” examines the impact of the Queen from Cymbeline participating in the ancient Roman idea of masculinity, virtus, as this idea was received in early modern England. There were a couple questions I wanted to answer through my research: first, […]

CSI-04: Comprehensive Transcriptome and Methylome of the Developing Chick Retina

The embryonic chicken (Gallus gallus) has proved an integral model organism for studying retina development. Furthermore, the embryonic chicken demonstrates the remarkable ability to regenerate retina in response to injury. Despite these important traits, a complete understanding of gene regulation during chick retinal development is lacking. Epigenetic regulation is an important class of gene regulation, […]

BRIV-01: Establishing an Ex-Vivo System to Study Newt Retina Regeneration via RPE Reprogramming

The study of retina regeneration in animal models has been of interest due to the implication it has in developing potential treatments for retinal diseases such as macular degeneration. Newts are excellent models to study regeneration because they retain the ability to regenerate their retina into adulthood. The process by which newts regenerate their retina […]

BRII-06: National Identity in Education: A Comparative Analysis of Italy and Northern Ireland

From the United Kingdom’s recent European Union withdrawal to escalating far-right populism, European states are actively reworking to differentiate their national narratives. Not surprisingly, education has been a useful tool for indoctrinating a collective national identity since the beginning of the nation-state. This paper concentrates on the complexities behind national identity within education, the similarities […]

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