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Software Engineering Needs Philosophy Majors

Artificial intelligence is expected to take over coding. This means that engineers with expertise in English, psychology and philosophy are highly valued for their critical thinking and communication skills. (Cantor 2024)

In the Harvard Business Review, Marco Argenti, Chief Information Officer at Goldman Sachs, made this argument. Argenti told his daughter that if she wanted to be an engineer, she needed to focus on learning philosophy. He wrote, “Coming from an engineer, that might seem counterintuitive, but the ability to develop crisp mental models around the problems you want to solve and understanding the why before you start working on the how is an increasingly critical skillset, especially in the age of AI.”

AI will start taking over the brunt work of coding and software engineers will need to be able to prove that they are still needed. Knowing how to ask the right questions and think outside the box will be important skills for the upcoming generation of software engineers. Creativity is one of the most important skills people can have.

Cantor, Melissa. ‘Goldman Wants Philosophy Majors.’, LinkedIn News, 22 Apr. 2024,