How do I add video files to Canvas?

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You should add all video files to your course through the My Media link in your course’s navigation menu. This allows you to upload your videos to Kaltura, Miami’s official video hosting platform, which is integrated with Canvas.

Simply click the (A) Add New button at the top-right side of the My Media page, then select (B) Media Upload from its options.

Screenshot showing the location of the Add New button, which appears under the "My Media" link in your Canvas course's menu, and its Media Upload option.
Location of the Add New button, which appears under the “My Media” link in your Canvas course’s menu, and its Media Upload option.

NOTE: For information on how to add a video to a specific location in your course after you’ve uploaded it to Kaltura, check out How do I Add a Kaltura Video Within my Canvas Course?

Kaltura automatically adds captions to your video and generates a transcript for it. If you find that one of your video’s captions have a lot of errors (which is fairly common), you can edit them within Kaltura.

Can I use YouTube instead of Kaltura?

Yes, but be cautious. YouTube videos can be viewed across the entire internet if you don’t chose the right privacy setting. Also, be aware that YouTube is blocked in China.

Since YouTube is owned by Google, it’s included as part of our Apps for Education suite, and anyone with an email account automatically has access to higher-level features. All you have to do is sign in to YouTube via Google using your Miami credentials.

Can I just upload my video directly to Canvas as a file?

This is not recommended at all. For several reasons, we advise against uploading video files to the Files area of Canvas and/or within a module: Students can download and save your video files (and potentially share them with a wider audience than you’d like); the video isn’t captioned, so it won’t meet accessibility requirements; and the video will take much longer to load and play for students because it has to first fully download (and video files are usually very large).