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How do students submit a video?

Students can upload and embed a video directly via Kaltura My Media in the textbox editor that appears in both Canvas discussions and assignments.

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How do I change a video’s status from “private” to “published” in Kaltura?

By default, a video’s status is set to “private” when you add it to Kaltura. If you want to change it to “published” so you can share it with your students, there’s a quick method (at it will allow you to publish multiple videos at once).

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Can I play a video during a Webex meeting?

Yes, but how you’ll play your video will depend on whether you have a file for your video or you’ll be playing it from a hosting site like YouTube.

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How do I add video files to Canvas?

You should add all video files to your course through the My Media link in your course’s navigation menu. This allows you to upload your videos to Kaltura, Miami’s official video hosting platform, which is integrated with Canvas.

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Can I tell if students are watching videos in Canvas?

If you upload your videos to Kaltura, which appears as “My Media” in your course navigation menu, you’ll be able to see exactly which students viewed your video, how many times it was viewed, and the point at which they stopped watching.

How to Use Your Smartphone to Enhance Student Experience

That smartphones are capable and ubiquitous is perhaps obvious, so why bother pointing out the obvious? With the investment of a relatively small amount of time and little to no money, you can leverage these tools toward the creation of multimedia elements that will help you engage with your students and create a connection that can improve their experience in your course.