What’s the storage limit for my Canvas course?

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All courses at Miami University are limited to 1G of storage. Typically, you won’t need more space than this if you load all of your video files into Kaltura or YouTube and your narrated PowerPoint files into Voicethread.

As a rule, the university doesn’t add additional storage space to courses. If you’re exceeding the storage limit in your course, consider these ways to reduce the amount of data in it:

  1. What type of content needs to be uploaded into your course? If it’s some sort of media, it should be added to Kaltura or Google rather than directly to Canvas for many reasons.
  2. Have you considered a different format for narrated PowerPoint files? This tends to be the most common reason for needing more storage, but pedagogically speaking, it isn’t the best format for recorded lectures. A learning designer and/or video producer can help you create better learning materials.
  3. Are there extraneous files in your course? They could include ones you no longer need (i.e., outdated versions) or duplicate versions of files (which are sometimes created when you copy your course). You should download older versions of files for long-term storage to your own computer or Google Drive, then delete them from your Canvas course.
  4. Can some content be moved to Google Drive? You can provide links to it rather than directly uploading it to Canvas.