Escape from Atlantis Reflection

We played Escape from Atlantis and I found the hardest part of it to be trying to figure out if I wanted to play passively or aggressively. The game takes leadership skills in order to convince the more aggressive players not to sabotage you while also keeping an eye on the players who are playing passively. If you aren’t paying attention they could potentially sneak over many of their people.

I think my Dad would like playing this game because he enjoys board games that involve strategy. At the beginning of the play session, one of the players I was with immediately got cocky and was playing aggressively. The rest of my group worked together with the common goal being to make him lose. We succeeded in that goal and I ended up winning by playing (mostly) passively. I was only aggressive when the reward outweighed the risk.

I really liked that in Escape from Atlantis you could choose whether you played aggressively or passively. Both directions could win you the game if you made the right choices, therefore neither method felt more powerful than the other. I loved the board and card design. My only complaint about the game is that some of the directions were a bit tricky to understand, especially the ones about when certain cards could be played.