Game of the week

This past week we played Mental Blocks. I had never heard of mental blocks and the packaging did not give much more insight. Nobody else in my group had heard of this game either. We each got a card with a shape we were supposed to make and a restriction card. We as a team had to build one shape to win. At first the game seemed fun. I enjoyed the first one. This game was pretty hard. I liked that we had to figure it out all together and I liked how their were restrictions to what we could do which makes the game even harder. Our group did not solve any of them. I thought the game was a very short game. It was easy to get sick of the game quickly. It seemed like every round lasted 10 minutes. It quickly lost traction with our group. after the first two times no one really wanted to play anymore.

I am not exactly sure what the hardest part of the game was. Maybe the hardest part was trying to look at everyone’s perspectives or maybe it was that there was not much motivation to play in the first place. We played the first two rounds seriously and after that we started to break the rules. A couple of rounds we even brought all our cards together to just put the shaped together and we still could not figure out the shape. I can see the leadership in this game in everyone. There is usually one person who steps forward and leads a group but each individual with a card also spoke up and tried to get everyone to follow them. A lot of leadership has to do with teamwork. The team together worked nicely for a common goal. Although we did not win we still enjoyed it. We got to know our classmates better and got to laugh.

I think this would be a good game for younger children or maybe families. I feel like families could bust this game out and keep their kids entertained. Maybe teachers could use this game for a learning exercise. I think my family should play this game together to see the results. I think this would be a fun family game to play quickly. We have ranging ages in my family and this seems like a game that is appropriate for all people and does not require much prior experience.