Teekwaakia ‘Jean Baptiste Brouillette’ – Winter

George Winter (British, 1810-1876)
Teekwaakia ‘Jean Baptiste Brouillette’ (ca. 1800-1867), 19th century
Watercolor on paper
Tippecanoe County Historical Association, OV3-80

In this George Winter painting of Teekwaakia ‘Jean Baptiste Brouillette’, you can see the decorated flaps on his leggings and moccasins. Winter depicted these as simple uncut strips of ribbon, but given the time period, it is quite likely that some of this ribbon was cut, folded, and sewn into diamond geometric patterns. Like the clothing in the image by James Otto Lewis, the clothing in this painting was likely made by Teekwaakia’s wife, Kiihkinehkiišwa, and perhaps with assistance from her sister Oonsaahšinihkwa and her mother Mahkoonsihkwa.