Teekwaakia ‘Jean Baptiste Brouillette’ – Lewis

James Otto Lewis (American, 1799-1858)
Teekwaakia ‘Jean Baptiste Brouillette’ (ca. 1800-1867), 19th century
Lithograph on paper
Miami University Art Museum purchase, 2008.3

Teekwaakia was born into the Miami-speaking Peeyankihšia Piankashaw’ community and later married into the Myaamia family of Šiipaakana and Mahkoonsihkwa ‘Frances Slocum.’ In this James Otto Lewis painting you can see the silverwork that normally accompanies ribbonwork. The painting does not show his lower body, but it is likely that he was wearing ribbonworked leggings and moccasins. All of his clothing in this image was likely made by his wife, Kiihkinehkiišwa. It is possible that she was assisted by her sister Oonsaahšinihkwa and her mother Mahkoonsihkwa.