Thematic Organization

This exhibition contains four themes that provide different perspectives for
viewing Myaamia ribbonwork. Each theme has its own area in the gallery
and its own color coded icon. Objects associated with each theme will have that theme’s icon on its label.

taaniši aapooši meehkamaanki peepankišaapiikahkia eehkwaatamenki?
How was ribbonwork rediscovered?
This theme explores how knowledge of ribbonwork was reclaimed and spurred a broader reclamation and revitalization of Myaamia design and aesthetics.

taaniši eehkwaatamaanki eehkwaatamenki peepankišaapiikahkia?
How is ribbonwork made?
This theme looks at the process by which ribbonwork was made in the past and the various methods and materials Myaamia people use today.

taaniši pooneelintaminki peepankišaapiikahkia eehkwaatamenki?
How was ribbonwork lost?
This theme examines the processes that took ribbonwork out of the Myaamia community and led to a dormancy of the artform.

taaniši eeweemaaciki peehkiciihaawaaci?
How did families dress them well?
This theme focuses on the labor and wealth necessary for families to collectively produce ribbonwork and the symbolic meaning of its public display.