Personal Arms

Description of Personal Arms belonging to Daniel E. Meyers

The blazon that would best describe my personal armorial bearings are:

Arms: Argent, on the capital letter “A” an antique lamp, and a tomahawk inverted the handle crossing the letter’s transverse, all Sable, a bordure Arrowhead Gules.

Crest: a headdress composed of seven eagle feathers Argent.

Supporters: on a Compartment Vert two wolves rampant Argent collared Sable.

Motto: Labor Omnia Vincit

One may ask what’s behind all the elements in the full achivement. Here, in a nutshell, are the meanings behind the elements:

The Letter “A”  stands for the first Letter of Aptonalton, the society to which I am entitled to bear these arms; An antique lamp represents the Lamp of Knowledge; The inverted tomahawk represents a weapon of defense against injustice, inverted to mean it is at rest unless needed; The arrowhead represents remembrance of the Aptonalton’s Indian tradition; a headdress of seven eagle feathers, where each feather represents a founding father of the Aptonalton Literary Society; The compartment vert is indicative of the grassy pastures on whichNative Americans used to walk in Northern Ohio; and finally, the supporters are stylized representation of the family to which one was adopted, Our motto translates to “Hard Work Conquers All.