Career Paths: Sammud Sharma ’18

A graphic reading "'Truly understand the core concepts. Know how to approach a problem and why you are taking that approach.' - Sammud Sharma ’18, Senior Product Engineer for DonorDrive." Pictures Sammud.

Sammud Sharma is a Senior Product Engineer for DonorDrive. A 2018 graduate who earned his B.S. in Computer Science, he returned to Miami University to recruit at its 2023 Spring Career and Internship Fair. Learn more about his Career Path below.

How did you reach your current position?

I first met DonorDrive representatives at a Miami University career fair. I then landed a summer internship with DonorDrive between my junior and senior years. After my internship, I was asked to come back full time once I graduated. I joined DonorDrive as a Junior Software Developer the next summer. By learning the product and leading feature development teams, I worked my way up to Software Developer, Product Engineer and then Senior Product Engineer.

How did Miami University set you up for success in your career?  

The computer science courses I took taught me how to look at and solve programming problems in a variety of ways and how to decide which was the “best,” or most elegant, solution. The career fairs allowed me to secure an internship that greatly expanded my real-world experience. The senior design project further added to my experience by pairing me with a real client who gave real feedback that my team had to work around.

What is your best piece of career advice for current college students?

As a student of computer science, I wish I had known to truly understand the core concepts. Languages and specifics don’t matter as much as knowing how to approach a problem and why you are taking that approach.

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