Employer Spotlight: Luminaut

An image of Luminaut's Cincinnati open-concept office. Luminaut's logo is in the upper right corner.

Luminaut is an architecture and interior design firm that aspires to “create inspired spaces and illuminated experiences.” Below, Director of Business Development Lindsey Rhoden ’03 offers advice for students looking to break into this competitive field.

A headshot of Lindsey Rhoden
Lindsey Rhoden ’03

What makes a candidate stand out to you during the recruiting and interview process?

In three words: preparation, curiosity, and energy. A person who comes in with a growth mindset is more valuable than someone who may already know the software or who has interned before. We want to see someone who is excited to learn more about the profession. It also doesn’t hurt to research the company you’re interviewing with and have questions ready.

What advice would you give students to set themselves up for success as they pursue internships and their post-graduation goals?

Be selective if you can because your internships are foundational to your career trajectory. If being selective isn’t an option, be curious, be open minded, and learn as much as possible.

What have you observed that sets Miami University candidates apart from others?

The applied liberal arts education at Miami bolsters candidates with a broader perspective, a sense of innovation, and a deep understanding of the foundations of architecture and design.

About Luminaut

Based in Cincinnati and Indianapolis, Luminaut primarily designs work and hospitality spaces. It partners with its clients to create sustainable structures that also revive and show respect for a community’s history. It takes an individualized approach to its design work, ensuring its clients’ complex needs are met. 

Luminaut is made up of architects, designers, and all around “get-it-doners” who thrive on guiding every client, every step of the way. Learn more about Luminaut and its available opportunities by visiting its Handshake profile.