Employer Spotlight: FC Cincinnati

A wide angle shot of TQL Stadium, with a fan cheering an FC Cincinnati goal in the foreground. FC Cincinnati's logo is in the upper right corner.

FC Cincinnati plays in Major League Soccer (MLS), the top professional men’s league in the United States and Canada. Below, Manager of Recruiting and Onboarding Kaitlin Worthington gives advice for students looking to break into the athletics industry.

A head shot of Kaitlin Worthington
Kaitlin Worthington

What makes a candidate stand out to you during the recruiting and interview process?

We want candidates to display confidence and preparedness. Someone who stands out will have an error-free resume, be on time to their interview, be dressed professionally, and will have questions for us. The interview process should feel like a conversation. After an interview, we like to see a follow-up “thank you” email. Candidates that do all of this will make it far in our process. 

What advice would you give students to set themselves up for success as they pursue internships and their post-graduation goals?

It’s always important to research the companies you’re interviewing with ahead of time. Employers want to know you’re as invested in them as they are in you. It shows you care about our company specifically and aren’t just looking for any work that is available. A great way to do that research is through your professional network. Find connections on LinkedIn and set up a job shadow or Q&A to get an idea of the work you are applying for. Another important detail is to keep your LinkedIn and resume up to date and well edited. These things are often an employer’s first impression of you so it’s important to make sure it’s a good one. 

What have you observed that sets Miami University candidates apart from others?

Miami students are very involved and have robust resumes. They are good at following up with us; we love to receive a message from them after connecting at a career fair or event. Above all else, they seem prepared. They carry themselves well and clearly have received good coaching from faculty and staff. 

About FC Cincinnati

FC Cincinnati entered the MLS as its 24th team in 2019. The MLS invited Cincinnati to join its league as an expansion team in May 2018, giving the club one of the fastest run-ups to its first-division launch in MLS history: 277 days from invitation to its first game. The team plays its home games in TQL Stadium, a soccer-specific stadium in Cincinnati’s West End neighborhood. Learn more about FC Cincinnati and its available opportunities by visiting its Handshake profile.