Practice for the Real Deal – Mock Interviews at CCES

The Mock Interview Program provides you with real-world interviewing experience with both seasoned professionals and trained peers. Be as prepared as possible for real interviews after career fair or later in the year! We have mock interviews throughout the year OR you can attend the Mock Interview Event on September 5 (which is open to all majors).


Before you are able to register for the Mock Interview Program, you must:

When are Mock Interviews?

  • Mock Interviews for Fall 2019 begin Sept. 3 and end Dec. 6
  • Mock Interview Daily (Recorded)
    • Monday – Thursday | 0045 ASC | 9 am – 6 pm | Last interview starts at 5 pm
    • Friday | 0045 ASC | 9 am – 3 pm |Last interview starts at 2 pm
  • Mock Interview Daily (Unrecorded — suggested for practice only):
    • Thursday | 0045 ASC | 1 – 5 pm | Last interview starts at 4 pm

How to Register:

  1. Log into HANDSHAKE
  2. Type MOCK in the search bar
  3. Select a Mock Interview Job that works for you. This should be based on 1) YOUR CAREER INTEREST – Some questions will be asked and 2) DATE AND TIME that fits your schedule. Then select QUICK APPLY
  4. Upload your RESUME. Then select SUBMIT APPLICATION
  5. Select a time that works best for you

** If you do NOT have the option to select a Mock Interview Time Slot, it means that all time slots have been taken. Please return to Step #3 and repeat the process to Step #5.

If you have any issues with Mock Interview Scheduling, contact the Career Center at 513-529-3831 or