Resume Basics

Writing your resume can be a daunting task. Deciding what to put on it, how to format it and how to talk about your experience isn’t always easy. We’re here to help! Check out some general tips below and if you want even more help, attend our resume review drop-in hours.

Customize your resume to the job you’re applying for.

Do your research so you know the company’s past projects, know the company’s culture and pay attention to the job qualifications.

Decide your format

The Chronological Approach

The chronological resume is the most common format currently in use. Sections on educational background and work experience are arranged in reverse chronological order – meaning you list your most recent experiences first and work backwards. Most recent college graduates will want to list their educational background first, and then describe their work experience.

The Functional Approach

The functional resume, while more difficult to construct than the chronological, can specifically emphasize qualifications, skills, and related accomplishments. Rather than listing experiences and qualifications in chronological order, the functional resume organizes skills into functional categories, such as Leadership, Technical, and Interpersonal. Many job seekers with varied work experience or those who want to change careers tend to prefer this format. This format is not typically recommended for most Miami students. If you are considering using this type of resume, please contact your career advisor for assistance.

The Combination Approach

Hybrid format that highlights your marketable skill sets and provides a brief description of your work experience.

Write Compelling Bullet Points

It is important to make sure you are telling your story in a complete way and not just listing tasks you completed. In order to write a great bullet point, you can follow the formula:

Action verb + context + result + quantity

Below are examples of experience entries:

  • Planned and implemented a recognition luncheon for 50 members of the faculty and staff on campusMentored and encouraged a local 5th grader through tutoring and playing sports
  • First employee of company to learn and test new 3-D drafting software, Solid Edge and created the company’s first drawings in this application

For even more detailed information on the basics of a resume check out our website.