Alumnae/i Weekend

We are thrilled to be back on campus for the June 10-12 reunion and have many enjoyable and engaging events planned for the weekend!

Including on Friday—special class gatherings, a tour of the Western College Memorial Archives, a welcome reception and dinner, followed by a fun evening at the Western Karaoke Club! 

On Saturday, start the day with a delicious breakfast followed by a light exercise session. The Annual Meeting will take place in our beloved Peabody Hall, then enjoy lunch in the Western Dining Commons. A panel discussion of alumnae from the ’50s,’60s, and’70s, “Celebrate the Uniqueness of Western College: Stories Through the Decades” will focus on traditions and experiences throughout Western’s last three decades.

The Parade of Classes will lead us to Young Hall for a dedication of the  building renaming.  We will be joined by members of the President Herrick B. Young family and Miami President Greg and University Ambassador Renate Crawford for a special program on the lawn.

The Saturday evening Celebration Banquet will pay tribute to President Young, members of the 5-year anniversary classes, and Alumnae Service Award recipients: Sharry Patterson Addison ’61Kausar Hamdani ’64, and Ardis Cameron ’70.

On Sunday morning, Cynthia Clark ’72 will share her inspirational story during the Kumler Chapel Closing Service. Hugs and good-byes will be exchanged at the Farewell Brunch.

Planning to Attend:
Planning to Attend:
Jean Fuller Lester 1952 (virtual)
Catherine Ross Loveland 1952 (virtual)
Cathy Bauer Cooper 1960
Mary Flagler Rachau 1960
Sharry Patterson Addison 1961
Anne Adkins Weissenborn 1961
Judy Dudman Henderson 1962
Loretta Ryder 1963
Faith Barrington 1965
Janet Smith Dickerson-Stephens 1965
Frances E Hoffman 1965
Sylvia G Stanfield 1965
Hazel Williams Drew 1966
Ann Walton 1966
Joan Barenholtz 1967
Elisa Kessler Caporale 1967
Janina Chadwick 1967 (virtual)
Ruth Keppler 1967 (virtual)
Ann Brombaugh Wittmann 1967
Susan Blake 1968
Susan Hodge 1968 (virtual)
Cece Peabody 1968
Barbara Williamson Wentz 1968
Nancy Wilson Kobayashi 1969
Pamela Watts Coates 1970
Candice McDaniel Dalbey 1970
Mary Melison McDonald 1970
Cynthia Clark 1972
Laurie Hildebrandt 1972
Polly Parke 1972
Sharon Sullivan 1972
Linda Tuxen 1972
Constance L Wong 1972
Linda Watts 1973
Chris Moranda 1974
Ann Crowley Pagano 1974
Jocelyn Woodson-Reed 1974
Christine Cowden 1975
Pheetta Wilkinson 1976
Alicia Broderick 1990
Mike Conaway 1990
Benjamin D. Gibbons 1994
Randy Wilson 2004
Katie Gibson 2005
Walden Dalbey, Former Faculty

Linda Tuxen 1972
Constance L Wong 1972
Carol Cornett 1973
Margaret Littell Strang 1973
Chris Moranda 1974
Ann Crowley Pagano 1974
Jocelyn Woodson-Reed 1974
Christine Cowden 1975
Pheetta Wilkinson 1976
Alicia Broderick 1990
Mike Conaway 1990
Walden Dalbey, Former Faculty

Campus Lodging
Housing assignment in air-conditioned Young Hall will be done by classes. 

Young Hall is located near the Western Dining Commons and is nicely furnished with ample restrooms, including facilities for persons with mobility impairment.  If you have special accommodation needs, please specify on your Registration Form.  Pillows, towels, linens and blankets are provided. Children may share a room with parents at no extra charge.

From Dayton International Airport 
I-70 West to Route 127 South (Eaton exit). RIGHT turn onto Route 73 West, which you will follow straight to Oxford. In Oxford turn LEFT at light onto Patterson Avenue (Route 27) and LEFT onto Western Drive  (south entrance) to Young Hall.

From Cincinnati/N. Kentucky Airport
Airport exit to first LEFT exit onto I-275 West (stay on I-275 West – don’t be tempted by Indianapolis signs). I-275 West becomes I-275 North.  Follow the signs toward Dayton.  Take Exit 33, Colerain Avenue (Route 27), and go LEFT (North) to Oxford.  Route 27 becomes Patterson Avenue in Oxford, turn RIGHT onto Western Drive and proceed to Young Hall.

2022 Western Alumnae/i Weekend Schedule (Eastern Time)

June 10
12:00-9:00 p.m. Welcome Center Registration, Young Hall (formerly known as Beechwoods Hall)
12:00-5:00 p.m. All-Classes Open House
Western Buildings Open
1:00 p.m. 1952 and 1957 Class Gathering (virtual and in-person), Young Hall
1:30-3:00 p.m. Western College Memorial Archives Tour
2:10 p.m. 1962 Class Gathering (virtual and in-person), Young Hall
3:20 p.m. 1967 Class Gathering (virtual and in-person), Young Hall
4:30 p.m. 1972 Class Gathering (virtual and in-person), Young Hall
5:30 p.m. Welcome Reception and Dinner, Western Dining Commons
Following Dinner, Western Karaoke Club, Young Hall
8:00 p.m. Classes of ’75, ’76, ’77 Gathering (virtual and in-person), Young Hall                 

June 11
8:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. Welcome Center Registration, Young Hall
7:30-9:00 a.m. Breakfast Buffet, Young Hall
8:15-8:45 a.m. Let’s Get Moving, Young Hall patio
9:15 a.m. All-Reunion Photo, Peabody Hall front steps
9:30 a.m. Annual Meeting, Peabody Hall Leonard Theatre
11:00-11:30 a.m. Class Meetings, Peabody Hall
12:00 p.m. Luncheon to Honor Meily Society Members, Western Dining Commons
1:00-5:00 p.m. Western Buildings Open
1:45 p.m. Alumnae/i Discussion Panel (virtual and in-person), Boyd Hall
4:00-4:45 p.m. Young Hall Dedication
5:45-6:30 p.m. Reception and Class Photos, Western Dining Commons
6:30 p.m. Celebration Banquet (virtual and in-person), Western Dining Commons
Following banquet, Wine and Conversation, Young Hall

June 12
7:30-9:15 a.m. Continental Breakfast, Young Hall
8:30 a.m. Choir Practice, Kumler Chapel
9:30 a.m. Closing Program in Kumler Chapel (virtual and in-person)
10:30 a.m. Farewell Brunch, Western Dining Commons

Class and Reunion Gifts
2022 gifts will support the Western College Legacy Seminars. The Western College Legacy Seminars will be housed in the Western Center for Social Impact and Innovation, in Peabody Hall. The series will feature visiting scholars and faculty, public lectures, and internship opportunities bringing together students, faculty, alumni, and visiting experts to explore solutions to global issues. The WC Legacy Seminars will further broaden and extend the legacy of Western.

For transportation to/from
Oxford, please make reservations no later than 48 hours in advance. If you or any member of your party is mobility impaired, please inform the shuttle service.

Denny’s Airport Shuttle
(513) 259-5554 or

Oxford Transportation
(513) 523-8728

Shuttle cars will be available on campus.

Frequently asked question:
Are spouses welcome and permitted to stay in the residence hall?
YES, spouses are welcome and are permitted to stay in the residence hall.