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The Western College Alumnae Association, Inc. was established in 1974 to preserve and encourage communication among and with alumnae and to support education and human values in the spirit of Western.

Western’s generous donors have established over $16 million in endowment funds supporting scholarships, campus preservation, a professorship, seminars, and other academic programs. In addition, over $13 million in scholarships have been awarded to nearly 4,000 students.

The final legacy projects endorsed by the WCAA, Inc. Board of Trustees include:
The Western College Legacy Seminars – the series will help connect diverse students, faculty, alumni, and external experts as they explore both public and private sector solutions to social impact and innovation issues.
The Western Center Scholarship for Experience-Based Learning – the scholarship will allow students participating in the Western Center for Social Impact and Innovation to participate in social impact and innovation experiential learning programs by providing funding for travel, housing, food, tuition, and other costs associated with these opportunities.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, we thank you heartily, our loyal alumnae, alumni, and friends, who have generously supported the WCAA, Inc. for 49 years! Your loyalty and faith in the work of our organization have made possible extraordinary achievements!

Thank you for your support and for strengthening our sense of purpose – to maintain in close bond all Westernites and to perpetuate the name of Western College.