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Poetic Entry

Anxiety. Dread. Panic.

Three words described how I felt about taking this class.

Why am I doing this to myself?

Yes, I thrive from the energy of others.

Yet, I am afraid.

What will people think?

Trouble, Scattergories, Candyland: three games that I love.

What will people think?

I am the observer. I am the encourager.

What will people think?

I am not a player.

What will people think?


Slowly walking towards my fears.

Slowly walking towards what I dread.

Yet, there is light.



My best friend.

Slowly walks with me.


Looks at the world with hope.


And then

I relax.


The smell of ornately decorated cupcakes.

The sound of joyful laughter.

The sight of random compilation of people.


Perhaps, I will thrive.


The Resistance: Avalon

What is this?

Sounds intimidating.

Classmates: clever & knowledgeable.

Me: baffled & confused.


8 people.

5 good. 3 evil.

I hope I am good.

I hope I do not have to talk.

I hope I do not have to be the leader.



I am a loyal servant of Arthur.

I am good.

Still baffled.


Good wins.


Round 2.

Of course.

I am Merlin.

Still baffled.

What do I do?

I listen.

I attempt to persuade.

People accuse.

How do people bluff?

Others listen to the man with the most knowledge.

I am not heard.

Somehow good wins.

But, I am discovered.

The knowledgeable assassin reigns.

Evil wins.


What did I just play?


I did not expect to talk.

Talk, I did.

Baffled, I am.


We laughed.

This quirky group of ours.

We learned.

We observed.

We noticed.

We played.


Elders & Wise Men lead.

The Blind follow.

The Baffled laugh.

The Curious seek.


All together, we play.